Threat Horizons

Threat Horizons The Google Cloud Threat Horizons Report brings decision-makers strategic intelligence on threats to cloud enterprise users and the best original cloud-relevant research and security recommendations from throughout Google’s intelligence and security teams. Among cyberthreat researchers, we often organize our research efforts according to different types of technologies. This allows analysts to focus and…

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Fog of War

Fog of War In this report, we outlined Russia’s multi-pronged effort to gain a decisive wartime advantage in cyberspace and use information operations to help shape public perception of the war. We also discussed the war’s impact on criminal groups and the scale of cybercrime worldwide. Based on these observations, we point to several broader,…

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Build better endpoint security to protect your entire network

Build better endpoint security to protect your entire network As your IT environment grows, tracking and securing all the endpoints connecting to your network is a monumental task. Managing and deploying security updates is time-consuming and challenging because of the wide range of devices people use to get their work done. Every desktop, laptop, smartphone,…

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