A Guide to SaaS Security: Key Approaches and Best Practices

CASBs focus on the data itself and combine content and context, making them the most comprehensive SaaS security solution. There are differences even between API-based CASBs. Some use pull APIs, while others are designed to use push events. That technical difference has an impact on speed and performance. Some CASBs only take the context of the user into account, whereas others expand the user context to that of the business (e.g. what team is the user part of, what actions are typical of that team, etc.).

To effectively secure your SaaS environment in the light of ever-increasing applications and corresponding threats, take the time to identify the vulnerable aspects of your environment. Look at your data, configurations, and identities – both human and non-human. Then evaluate the SaaS security approaches and solutions, and see which best fits your organization’s current needs, keeping in mind all the aspects you need to protect in order to be truly secure.

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Buyer's Guide for SaaS Security Platforms