Business transformation through application modernization in the cloud

Becoming a modern software business

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, longer-term modernization and transformation are critical to meet customers’ always-on demands and to keep pace with new agile, cloud-based competitors. The availability of new cloud-based business models and services, such as software as a service (SaaS), artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics, can help businesses seize opportunities earlier, gain insights from data, and maximize value from their investments.

Organizations are choosing to migrate and build applications and services in a modern, flexible cloud environment to meet these objectives. Here, they can adopt new SaaS business models to meet customer demand, reduce time to market, and streamline business processes for new product offerings. Cloud infrastructure helps deliver greater app security to ensure customers meet regulatory requirements and drives the innovation it takes to delight their end customers.

The rewards of digital transformation are plentiful, with organizations achieving higher productivity, stronger bottom lines, and better business outcomes. Reaching these rewards can prove challenging; however, digital transformation represents a significant undertaking involving far-reaching changes to business, processes, and culture. Breaking the process into phases can help prevent organizations from losing their way.

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MIGRATIONBusiness transformation through application modernization in the cloud