A Strategic Framework For Enterprise VR Deployment

Wondering how to put virtual reality technology to work in your business? Look no further than these three strategic pillars.
Virtual Reality Is Changing The Way We Work
Recent research has suggested that the potential economic impact of the metaverse may add up to as much as $3 trillion in the next decade. But this fixation on the future misses a more important point. Extended reality (XR) technologies are already changing the way businesses work today.
At Meta for Work, we’ve seen first-hand how companies are using virtual and mixed reality to make creative processes faster and more efficient; how they’re boosting performance through immersive training and career development; or how they’re giving dispersed teams a real sense of presence in virtual meeting spaces that enable deeper collaboration.
Of course, this technology is still relatively new and business leaders have many questions. Perhaps the most persistent is, ‘How?’ As in, how do they get started? What are the first steps they should take? And what are the ingredients of a successful implementation strategy?

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A Strategic Framework For Enterprise VR Deployment 2